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Monday , August 27 , 2012
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August 27th, 3:51 PM

I have, in the past, maintained a conceit of someday making some kind of name for myself in the webcomic world, which honestly at this very moment seems very silly. I started writing and drawing Thespiphobia primarily as a tool to improve both my art and writing skills, and secondarily because I liked the characters and enjoyed writing for them. It has been a long, often painful, often extremely embarassing process. There are bits of dialogue in the first year or so of updates that honestly make me cringe to read them. But there are places in the archives where I still laugh out loud every time. It's a fun hobby, and I enjoy crafting it. But it's not what I want to do with my life. I'm going in several directions at once right now, and I feel as though my life is at a multi-junction crossroad. I'm being given new responsibilities at duties at the comic shop, which as my day job is what actually pays the bills. It's work I enjoy, and am satisfied by; it's work that will help me continue to develop useful skills for an ongoing career. It opens a lot of doors for me and I enjoy it. I don't want to spend my whole life doing this, either, but to be honest I'm currently getting more out of it than I'm getting out of Thespiphobia--fiscally AND emotionally. I've also recently launched a handmade jewelry business, which has so far been (slightly) profitable. It's mostly beadwork, but someday I want to learn casting and wire-wrapping and etching. Creating a necklace or a pair of earrings makes me feel...I don't know, whole? There's a precision to it and a focus that makes me feel totally present in the current moment, which is not a feeling I have often. Third and most importantly, I write novels. I have a degree in creative writing and a thousand stories in my head that fill me with joy just at the thought of them. Sadly, with all of my other projects filling my time, my prose has been stuck on the back-burner. Somewhere between going to work every day, cranking out four comics a week, producing two or three jewelry pieces every day, not to mention just living and sleeping and having meals and doing dishes, my real, honest passion has gotten... left behind. I find myself resenting Thespiphobia when I have to choose between it and the novel to fill a spare moment. Thespiphobia becomes a chore and a distraction. It's not fun. This is not me putting Thespiphobia on infinite hiatus again, but it is me finally acknowledging that Thespiphobia is no longer my top priority. I'll update when I feel like it, not when the schedule tag at the top of the page tells me to. I'll draw a comic when I genuinely have something funny to share. If you want to be able to keep track of Thespiphobia's new irregular update schedule, feel free to follow me on twitter (@blamethesatyr) as I'll be tweeting when I put up a comic. Email any questions or concerns or support to elfirestine@gmail.com. I love you all, and thanks for understanding.

July 31st, 4:13 pm


Starting this week, Thespiphobia will be moving to a three-times-a-week schedule, updating on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one comic on the weekend. This will cut down on the number of late updates, particularly the missed updates on weekends. Yaaay!

For this weekend's updates, and some bonus sketches, just click here.

First post-Sweeney Todd comic

December 18th, 12:47 am

I am told I'm internet famous now for wearing an orange shirt and looking amused in the background of one of Joel Watson's hysterical photo comics. No really, a couple of people at the comic shop recognized me and were like, "Hey, you're internet famous now!" So I guess internet famous is a thing, like, you can be regular famous, or you can be internet famous. Can you also be, like, library famous or coffee shop famous? What mode of fame is the most superior? YOU TELL ME

By the way, the cat's name is Aswan; she's 17 years old and filled with love and shoulder-cuddles for anyone who looks sideways at her or gives her food. She has figured out that if she sits on the floor right where I'm trying to walk, stares dolefully up at me, and meows pitifully, I will feed her. She has begun to abuse this privilege, but it's okay because she's so FREAKING ADORABLE

First post-Sweeney Todd comic

December 12th, 12:42 pm

So, I work at a comic shop in Austin, right? Well, this past weekend we had a massive webcomicker's mini-con (yeah, I got tired of trying to decide between 'webcomic author''webcomic artist' 'creator' 'cartoonist' and 'anti-social deviant comedy freaks' so I'm calling us 'webcomickers' now) at the store, which was a buttload of fun, let me tell you. Highlights from the event:

-At the 18-plus panel, the webcomickers decided that the dinosaurs were the chosen people and they all got raptured 60 million years ago (Randy Milhollandproceeded to give us a depraved, sleep-deprived but very enthusiastic impression of an angelic velociraptor)

-Nicholas Gurewitch admitted he's addicted to shoe shopping

-My secret santa coworker got Joel Watson to draw me this amazing thing (not to mention a signed Super Stupor collection from Randy) and I really wish she had a website I could link you guys to, but she's pikachupacabra on the forums if you want to shower her with the love and affection she so richly deserves

-David Willis was adopted by one of our store cats, who spent most of the weekend sleeping on his tablecloth (it was freaking adorable)

-One of the panel moderators asked Rob Denblyker if he'd rather have to watch his parents have sex for twenty minutes a day, every day for a year, or join in once just to make it stop. His response was, "Well, my mom's pretty hot, so... both."

-Jeph Jacques kept lovingly stroking Randy's beard

-Danielle Corsetto groped me with her unicorn hat (Randy, in the background, exclaimed "Hah! Right in the tit!")

Yeah, it was a pretty fun weekend.

First post-Sweeney Todd comic

November 30th, 3:57 pm

Anna's face in that comic was particularly fun to draw.

By the way, I figured it might be time to post this link, which leads to the first comic after the hiatus. If you're a new reader, starting there saves you having to slog through all the worst of my shitty art, and gives you a good starting point on most of the characters.

Also, I may or may not be planning to give free sketches to the first several people who sign up for the forums. I just got them up a week ago, so naturally there's nothing happening there yet, but I'm hoping that eventually we'll be able to discuss comics, hilarity, awesome things, and maybe even Thespiphobia there someday. Lulz. Check it out, I'll love you forever.

November 18th, 4:51 pm

Okay guys, I have been off the radar for a few weeks, working on some stuff for the new website, and while none of it is really visible yet, I do have something really awesome to show for it now:


Guys, I am so excited about this, you don't even KNOW. Also, yes, that url DOES read right, Thespiphobia.com exists and Thespiphobia will be moving to independent hosting very, very soon. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on this matter in the EFFING FORUMS

Posted October 1st, 3:55 AM pm

Like Frankenstein, I live! Unlike Frankenstein, I think fire is pretty cool. By the way, I should let you know that the updates at 3-4 am (as opposed to midnight) my time thing is gonna have to be pretty standard now that I'm working nights. Hope nobody minds waiting a couple extra hours. Sadly, my feeble efforts at buffer-building were basically consumed by my illness, so now I get to start all over.

I am now commencing my search for a good webdesigner. Feel free to email me with your credentials or your buddy's credentials or whatever. We'll do lunch. Or Skype. You know. Whatever.

Posted September 25th, 11:34 pm

Hey guys--today's comic will go up Monday afternoon. If you really need to blame someone but you're not one of the few people lucky enough to know where I live, go ahead and find one of your buddies, the one who's REALLY SUPER EXCITED about the new block of Magic: The Gathering cards that just came out (Innistrad, it's got werewolves in it), and give 'em a good kick to the shins. See you tomorrow! :D

Posted August 28, 3:06 PM

New goal: get Thespiphobia its own website before its next birthday, December 18th. I have a whole wishlist of features, but what would you guys want to see? Forums, commenting capabilities, facebook like buttons? Basically I am just becoming more aware of my own limitations as a webdesigner, not to mention frustrated with the clunkiness of the process I have to go through to put a comment on a comic at my end. Alan, if you're reading this, I'm putting together a shopping list.

In other news, Anna can summon the Master Sword at will. Go Anna.

Posted August 21, 3:35 PM

In spite of myself, this weekend's comics are up. Saturday's comic is also up; just hit the LAST button to read it.

In other news, I'm going to be at the Walnut Valley Flatpickin' Championships in Winfield, KS this September; if you're a fan of folk music, camping, and good times, might be worth checking out. If you're going to be there, shoot me a line so we can party. I'll be at the Carp Camp.

Posted July 18th, 2:19 pm

Got this weekend's comics caught up and shaded, and fixed a little of the shittiness of Saturday's episode lol. You might have to refresh the pages to get the new stuff, but the dialogue hasn't changed at all.

In other news, I've been living in Austin for over a year now. Over a year of supporting myself, paying off my debt, and being a responsible adult. What the fuck? Responsibility is for sissies, when did I turn into a grown-up? Thank God for Thespiphobia--if I didn't have this as a creative outlet, I'd probably go fucking insane.

And on that note, while I'm thinking about it, two things. First of all, thanks for reading my stupid theater comic. No, really. If I didn't get occasional emails from you people telling me how awesome I am, I'd probably spiral down into a pit of despair and Thespiphobia would die again. Knowing you guys enjoy this crap keeps me going and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And secondly, I'm going to be giving the site a minor overhaul soon, focusing on the secondary pages. If you've submitted fanart in the past and I never put it up, or if I did put it up but you'd like me to add a link to your webpage or something like that, or if there's a technical term you'd like me to add to the Lingo page, or just you know whatever, email me and let me know. Especially about the fanart thing. Odds are good if I never put up a piece of art, it's because I fail at life and it got lost somewhere on my harddrive. XD

And on a final note, I'm working towards getting Thespiphobia its own webhosting, which means I'd have more control over the design of the site. Is there anything you guys would like to see in terms of structure? Is there anything about traditional website design for comics that pisses you off, or that you'd want to see on the site? This whole setup is really for you guys, so give me some feedback.

Posted July 5th, 3:28 pm

So did everybody have a good 4th of July? I sure did! I got to drive to Oklahoma and back and then work an eight hour shift on five hours of sleep! XD Sorry for the late update, the roadtrip was very much not planned and I literally did not have five minutes to rub together in that madness, much less the hour or two I need to produce even a crappy comic.


Posted May 15th, 12:50 pm

So Arthur's awesome, am I right? In other news, Mark is still my favorite actor.

Quick question, while I'm thinking about it: this is a long term plan, but who among ye would pay me some sweet filthy lucre for t-shirts or maybe some genuine imitation Seth-styled sock puppets?

Posted April 5th, 12:01 am

Okay so I think I've got it up and running again. My best guess is that I fucked something up on my ftp client and that's what caused it not to load anything but a blank white page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

For those who don't know, because I don't think I've ever said it officially here, if you ever can't get your updates here because of some technical issue like this one, I'm now posting my updates on my deviantart page so you can get them there. Also maybe you want to check out my deviantart page anyway, since you love me so much. :D It IS worth noting that it's a shitload easier to leave commentary on the deviantart submission thingy than on comicgenesis, so I tend to talk a lot more about each comic over at deviantart.

Let me know if you guys have any issues with the page again, not loading for you or whatnot, and we'll see about getting it fixed faster next time.

Posted April 5th, 12:01 am

"Greg: BLIGGIDY BLARGLE (foams at mouth)" is now officially the best piece of scriptwriting I've ever done in my life.

Posted April 1, 12:01 am

And on that note, I'm taking a three-day weekend.

Thespiphobia will resume its regular schedule on Tuesday.


Posted March 26, 9:24 pm

Okay so several things here.

1. Thespiphobia has a facebook page now, because I got really bored in between inking comics yesterday.
2. Claire Zucker of Puca, Steam, and various other kickass folk bands in and around the Tucson and greater Universe area is Thespiphobia's official first fan on Facebook, so the rest of you can go ahead and be insanely jealous of her now.
3. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT. Thespiphobia will be updating EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, so check back every day so you don't miss anything.
4. Send me fanart.


Posted March 22, 1:25 am


Posted March 7, 7:28 pm

It's high fucking time my art style for this damn comic evolved a bit, no? Tell me what you think of the shading. It's kind of fun, actually, not nearly as much work as I thought it would be, though it IS time consuming.

Posted March 1, 3:08 am

And we're back on schedule. Hit the "last" button for this weekend's updates.

In other news, please welcome Arthur to the cast! I find myself particularly fond of the lad; here's hoping he makes it through the show untraumatized. Also, say hello again to Gregory and Mark. I'll be straight with you guys: I love these two. They're freakin entertaining to write for.

Posted February 25, 11:47 pm

This weekend's comics will appear Monday due to some unforseen circumstances. Sorry for the delay; after this weekend I'll be returning to the usual T/Th/Sat/Sun schedule. Thanks for your patience!

Posted February 22, 6:27 pm

Man that was some madness right there. Oy. Okay, technical difficulties and my own failures aside, last weekend's comics should now be up; just hit the back button a couple of times to make sure you're caught up. I've also put in some concept art to make up for it, so you get a sneak preview of a couple of characters who'll be showing up soon. Thanks for your patience, everybody.

Posted February 21, 12:20 pm

This past weekend's updates will be posted this afternoon, as soon as I have a chance to draw them lol. I just started a new job this weekend at a local plant nursery, and to be honest I was so damn excited about it (and about a really excellent DnD session on Friday) that I just completely forgot about Thespiphobia. To make up for it, I may also post some concept art for a couple of new characters I'll be introducing shortly.

Apologies to those who checked this weekend and were super confused; I haven't died, and Thespiphobia won't either, I promise.

Posted February 17, 3:39 am

I think it only fair that I link you to Partially Clips, since it's entirely that comic's fault that this update is late. Here's an interesting thought I had: I could curse the Partially Clips archive for being so addictive, but then wouldn't I be railing at a peer simply for succeeding in exactly what I'M trying to do? After all, isn't the point of creating something to have it be viewed by others? Even if you don't think art needs to be appreciated by the "masses", there wouldn't be much point in creation if it wasn't going to make SOMEONE think, right? Without consumers, mindless sheep or not, art would be meaningless.

So, uh, good job at fulfilling your prime directive, Partially Clips!

Posted February 11, 2:37 pm

This whole plotline has been a pain in the ass to script, let me tell you. What with getting all the usual madcap shenanigans in, providing my signature laugh-a-day, moving the plot along the logical progression of a show's development in REAL life, not to mention getting it all done in time for the surprise on April 1st, it's been nothing but work, let me tell you.

Okay yeah I pretty much typed up that whole bitch-fest just so I could tease you about the surprise on April 1st, not gonna lie.

In other news, I'm starting up a D&D campaign this weekend, DMing. It's gonna be pretty awesome. Seth may or may not have a cameo in it. Which means my gaming group gets more Seth than you guys do.


Posted January 6th, 12:12 am

Updated the cast pics and text, and the Me page graphic and text. Also, have a job interview tomorrow! Go me.

Posted December 21st, 2:02 am

So I've got the next week's worth of comics uploaded, and I will not lose internet access during my whole vacation, so if the site fails to update properly, it will not be my fault damnit!

Bleh fourteen hour drive tomorrow morning. THIS morning I guess. Stupid Austin being so far away from my parents' house. x_x In other news, I anticipate the art quality of the next several comics going up a bit, as my current level is frankly a bit nauseating to watch, so look forward to that!

Posted December 18th, 1:13 am

Okay--so now that we're officially up and running and I've got the site updating properly again, there's one or two things I want to address.

So, remember back when we had that false start and I did the "Call to Arts" and hired an artist and then you never heard anything about it again? Well, it didn't end up going anywhere, mostly because she was busy and I was busy and emotionally unstable at the time, but I would like to thank Ceiliedh for the work she did on Thespiphobia, short-lived as it was.

Ceiliedh, they were some really fantastic pages you drew from me, and I think Thespiphobia would have been better for your presence. Thanks for your work; if I wasn't such a selfish bitch and wanting to clutch the delicious Thespiphobioms all to myself (in spite of my lack of drawing talent on occasion) you'd still be part of the team.

For everyone else, just so you know what you're missing out on, here's what Ceiliedh did for me.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Keep on keeping' on, C. Someday you'll find a comic artist who treats you right. Peace.

Posted December 18th, 1:13 am

So Mikayla and Gabe are still the BEST of friends, as you can see. :D

Posted December 18th, 1:13 am

I don't really have anything against Sweden. I've heard it's a very nice place. But you have to understand, Tito's not exactly in a charitable sort of place at the moment. ^_^

Posted December 17th, 7:50 pm

OKAY. So I had to totally RELEARN html, but I'm FREAKING UP AND RUNNING HERE. I feel as though I have conquered a mountain.

In other news, there will totally be an actual COMIC up tomorrow, for the first time in two freaking YEARS! How awesome is that?

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